Snowdrop Housing Survey



Snowdrop is a holistically sustainable housing initiative working to prototype new ways that modular net-positive homes can take a more humanistic angle. With emphasis on one’s physical, cognitive and emotional well-being, we envision these homes as impactful solutions for simple private residences, community building, or disaster relief projects both domestic and international.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this anonymous survey. There will be no follow up emails. Answers will remain confidential, only to be seen by members of our team.

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Key Concept Definitions

Tiny Home: A dwelling that is 400 sqft / 37 m2 or less in floor area excluding any lofts.

Off-Grid: Not connected to or served by publicly or privately managed utilities such as electricity, gas, or water. In reference to homes, these structures would be entirely self-dependent upon meeting the demands of the home, local infrastructure and user.

Survey Questions

(Approximately 5 Minutes)

1) Background Information and Demographics
What is your age? *
What is your educational background? *
2) Sustainability and Tiny Home Impressions
3) Home Energy/Resource Generation
Would you be open to the idea of home integrated energy generation technologies that would convert human powered energy to electricity . This energy would then be responsible for all non-essential home functions, such as amenity lighting or charging personal devices? *
i.e Ride an indoor electric bike for 45 minutes to generate and store 12 hours worth of basic electricity solely for indoor lighting or charging electronic devices.
If you were to pick one value in a Tiny Home, what feature would be the most important to you? *
4) Cost and Home Customization
What price point would you expect a 288sqft / 26 m2, off-grid home to be? *
This would be a home with the approximate demisions of 12ft X 24 ft or 3.6m by 7.2m.
With regards to home furnishment, if you were to purchase a Tiny Home, what would you prefer? *
With regards to home customization would you like the idea of a template home that could be *