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Simply Different

holistically sustainable housing from the ground up

Snowdrop is a holistically sustainable housing initiative working to prototype new ways that modular net-positive homes can take a more humanistic angle. With emphasis on one’s physical, cognitive and emotional well-being, we envision these homes as impactful solutions for simple private residences, community building, or disaster relief projects both domestic and international.

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We are entering a world of peak oil, peak water, peak phosphorus; a world that is globally interconnected yet ecologically impoverished. A world with seven billion people and counting. A world where every single major ecological system is in decline and declining exponentially. A world where global temperature increase has caused shifting rainfall distributions, acidified oceans, and potentially catastrophic sea-level rise. Not only must this all stop, it desperately needs to be reversed. 

Our Earth’s built environment alone is expanding so rapidly that over the next 30 years, several trillion square feet of new construction will be built, the equivalent of adding another Paris to the planet each week. In the United States alone, close to 3500 homes are added each day. To make it all possible, our world’s energy, water and material needs are doubling each decade. Despite this, over half of the world is still without a reliable means to water, energy and health care; three crucial fundamentals to not only wellness but, livelihood. 

For us, Snowdrop, is a social and environmental responsibility. It is the promise of a wholesome and sustainable synergy between people and planet. Disappointed and embarrassed at today’s current building industry, we came to the decision that in order to make a significant difference we must start from scratch. Current home construction is unsustainable and our overall building methods need to be changed from the ground up. We are committed to designing and constructing homes that have positive influence from a foundation neutralizes our homes impact with respect to their construction, operation and eventual decommission. To meet the demands of a thriving future, the next generation of homes need to be simply different.